Flexaile Inc. was established in the year 2000 by the Transport Savard Company.  Transport Savard has specialized in road snow removal operations for 30 years.   Like many other businesses, the company has grappled with the problems resulting from the operation of its snow plough trucks equipped with a side wing blades:  costly damage to the machinery from collisions with road side obstacles, damage to roadside infrastructure, the risk of accidents.  With its experience in snow removal,  Transport Savard started to make improvements and innovations which led to the creation of Flexaile Inc., a specialist in the development of better snow removal equipment.

Mission Statement

To use cutting edge technological systems in order to improve transport route snow and ice removal equipment and to permit savings on equipment repair costs, roadside infrastructure, labour costs, intervention time, accident risk, all at an affordable price.


Certified by the ministry of transport of Quebec

Patent registered