ü  The pneumatic shock absorber Reflex can take the collisions with any stationary road infrastructures (guardrails, rock on the side of the road, etc.).  It also protects the frame of the vehicle and is components without stopping is course.

ü   The blade then can retract up to 60 inches upon contact with roadside obstructions.


Reflex's Advantages

Save thousands of dollars by…

ü  Eliminating the cost of repair of

  • Side wings
  • Truck frame
  • Guardrails
  • Bridges
  • Accidents
ü  Lower your insurance premium

ü  Removing excess snow on guardrails with out charge
      (With out snow blower and loader)

Facilitez votre déneigement en…

ü  Hiring driver with no experience
ü  Decrease the driver’s stress
ü  Saving lives
ü  Remove the snow faster and safer


ü The money invested in the shock absorber can pay for itself in a very short time.

ü You only have to avoid one accident such as a collision with guard rails, rocky edges, other vehicles, sidewalk curbs or cement borders, to recuperate the thousands of dollars invested in the truck, the cost of the guard rail repair, additional insurance premiums and/or reimbursements to the worker compensation board.


How it works

Before After

ü When the wing or blade moldboard meets an obstruction, it is pushed in towards the truck.  This in turn, forces the push arm behind the blade towards the front of the wing.  This compresses the balloon in the pneumatic shock absorber.  The greater the pressure inside the balloon, the more the push arms will be forced towards the discharge end of the wing moldboard.  The REFLEX shock absorber is made in such way that the pressure on the end of the wing moldboard remains constant no matter what its position, even when completely retracted.  When there is contact with a guardrail, even if the wing is completely retracted, it should not cause damage to the guardrail.



ü REFLEX is tough.

ü  Even hitting an obstacle intentionally will not damage it.

ü REFLEX is so dependable that it will not break down.


ü The maintenance of the REFLEX shock absorber is limited to washing the sliding mechanism and checking the tightness of the bolts.


ü The pneumatic shock absorber is a device that will reduce the possibility of serious or deadly accidents to your drivers or others on the road.

ü The snowplough driver will not have to lift the side wing in critical situations, such as tight squeezes near bridges, curbs, or narrow sections of road lined with guardrails.   He will stay in complete control of his vehicle and thus avoid accidents.

ü Often during snow removal on bridges, the snowplough comes into contact with cement borders.  This can lead to driver injury and even cause an accident with oncoming vehicles.


Logging roads

ü On narrow logging roads, highways under construction, snow removal can be done much more quickly because the driver is now not so worried about hitting rocks, fallen logs, or piles of frozen earth which normally would damage the truck.

ü The logging companies will benefit monetarily for several reasons: a reduction of reparation costs, less down time for snowplow repair, and an increase in the efficiency of snow plowing.

Cities, municipalities, provincial and states roads

ü Cities, provincial and states roads, municipality, will save on damages to their sidewalks, cement borders and medians.

ü Snow removal work will be done more quickly, due to the fact that the driver is less worried about damaging sidewalks, cement borders and other obstacles. 

ü Less damage to the equipment means a decrease in truck down time, and an increase of the employees' productivity. 

ü This obvious diminution in accidents will provide a significant savings, because most towns do not have insurance on their trucks and equipment.


ü The REFLEX shock absorber can be mounted on any truck model and fitted with any type of snowplow equipment.

ü  The installation requires some pipe cutting, welding and the installation of a pressure gauge inside the truck cab.  To install you Reflex unit we are providing you an interactive CD-rom.



Economic Reasons

ü The costs saved by businesses in snow removal will be subtracted from future government contract tenders.

ü The Ministry will avoid a lot of unnecessary expenditures on repairing guardrails that normally would have been damaged each time a snowplow hit them with a traditional side wing.

ü But with the REFLEX shock absorber system, a savings of several million dollars can be realized from undamaged guardrails, like bridges, curbs, and broken or frost-heaved asphalt pavement each year, which can be re-invested in other areas.

ü With the REFLEX shock absorber system, communities will save hundreds of thousands of dollars on each fatal or non-fatal accident avoided.